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In the days where banks and private lenders stop lending or make it very difficult for small businesses to get the working capital they need to survive it would seem like there is no way out! Not true. I came across GRP Funding filled out a simple application and there it was. It was literally that easy. Majority of small businesses in this country fail due to the lack of badly needed working capital. We all have the sales but have no way to fund the sales. Too much sales can often be just as bad as not enough sales if you don’t have the capital to back it up.

Since signing up with GRP Funding I’ve been able to continue to grow my business, keep inventory in stock and add new services that I wouldn’t have otherwise had the capital to do. I can’t thank them enough for all of the hard work, constant communication and simple program which is allowing me to build my American dream. They were there for me when no one else would touch me because I was too “new” of a business. If I had been in business for years then why would I need the extra capital right? Banks and the federal government have made it very difficult to run let alone grow a business in this economic climate. They don’t realize every time a large company lays off 5,000 workers there are 5,000 or more small businesses hiring 1 or more workers. We balance out the economy but they don’t see it the way GRP does.

Now in my second year of doing business with GRP Funding I can honestly say it would have been next to impossible if not impossible for me to continue without their help. Thanks for all that you do for small business!!!!

Daniel C., Business Owner